Automotive Molds Machining

Tianhui is a professional automative mold manufactuer in China.We major in these automotive products,such as bumper mold, grill mold...

We have the excellent process equipment and the advanced CAD/CAE/CAM technique equipment, and integrate rich experience in producing mold, so that it guaranteed the level of our technology and the quality of molds.


Name Type Qty Manufacturer Country Main specification
Automatic coordinate measuring instrument F122010 1 SEREIN CHINA 200*1200*1000
CNC Vertical Machining Centers CNC-3190 3 HARTFORD TAIWAN 3200*2000*1380
CNC-2150 4 HARTFORD TAIWAN 2500*1900*1200
CNC-2100 2 HARTFORD TAIWAN 2200*1600*1000
CNC-1800 2 HARTFORD TAIWAN 1800*1000*800
CNC-1500 2 HARTFORD TAIWAN 1500*1000*800
CNC-1100 2 HARTFORD TAIWAN 1100*600*500
High precision Machining Centers AV-1612 2 QUICKJET TAIWAN 1600*1200*800
3-AXIS CNC Machine D-318 2 FIDIA ITALY 3200*1200*1400
EDM BM160R 2 DMSPK CHINA 1600*800*500
BM200 1 DMSPK CHINA 2100*900*550
BM200R 2 DMSPK CHINA 2100*900*550
Deep Hole Drilling Machine DHD1650 1 ZONJET CHINA 1700*1000
DHD2160 2 ZONJET CHINA 2200*1400
Spotting Machine SX-350JM 1 SHUNXING CHINA 350T
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